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Gent Sint-Pieters

Location type: Trainstation
Location address: Gent
Number of texts: 2
3 stars
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Made by Vizit

The construction of the old Post-office building was one of the large projects for the world exhibition of the year 1913 which was held in Ghent. The architect, Cloquet, who also constructed the main railwaystation of Ghent, had a romantic soul.

He was fascinated by the orient and was fanatical about all neo-styles. You can clearly see this in the railway station. The conservative, catholic bourgeoisie of Ghent was very much in favour of this neo-style.

The façade of the former post-office building shows the heads of the International Postorganisation. Totally right at the top on the façade, a smaller image can be seen.  Some think that this represent the lover of the architect, others think this represents Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing.

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Made by Mio

Het Station Gent Sint-Pieters werd gebruikt als decor in de film ManZktVrouw. Leopold (Jan Decleir) kwam hier Alina (Maria Popistasu) oppikken.

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