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Castle Bourscheid

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Location type: Castle
Location address: Luxemburg, Diekirch, Bourscheid
Number of texts: 3
4 stars
Made by | Reference Caranorn | © CC 3.0
Made by | Reference | © CC 3.0

Bourscheid Castle (French: Château de Bourscheid, German: Burg Bourscheid, Luxembourgish: Buerg Buerschent) is located near the village of Bourscheid in north-eastern Luxembourg. The medieval castle stands on a site with archeological evidence of structures dating back to Roman times. Standing majestically some 150 metres (490 ft) above the River Sûre, it is enclosed by a circular wall with 11 watchtowers.

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Made by Dromos
Made by Dromos

The castle Bourscheid is the largest stone fortress of Luxembourg. The castle dates from the year 1000.

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Linked themes: History, Castle

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Made by 174193

La première citation du château date de 1095, le décrivant comme « munitissimum…castrum » (un château fortifié et protégé). Situé en contrebas du village de Bourscheid (480m), le château fort (379m) domine la vallée de la Sûre (225m).

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