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Location type: Natuurgebied
Location address: 8620, Nieuwpoort, Louisweg (Havengeul)
Number of texts: 1
3 stars
Made by Westtoer Mirra | © All rights reserved
Made by Westtoer Mirra | © All rights reserved

This park (popularly called Keunepark) was laid out in 1977. It forms a green zone between the channel and the buildings along the Albert I-laan, running parallel with the channel.In 2000 the park was renamed in “Prince Mauritspark” on the occasion of the commemoration of the Battle of Nieuwpoort in 1600.
The facts: on 1st July the Dutch army arrived at the IJzer estuary without any considerable resistance. On the other side of the river was Nieuwpoort, the first target of this campaign. The archduke Albrecht had raised an army and got already till Oudenburg on 1st July. When Maurits heard this, he withdrew the part of his army that had already crossed the IJzer during low tide. He turned away his attention temporarily from the town of Nieuwpoort and concentrated on the Spanish army being close on his heels. On 2nd July 1600 the combat took place: the troops of Maurits on the right bank of the IJzer, the men of Albrecht a little further in the dunes of Lombardsijde and Westende. First the Spaniards seemed to win, but then in the afternoon the Dutch could turn the tide and decided the fight for themselves. In spite of his victory, Maurits abandoned his original plan, i.e. the conquest of Nieuwpoort, and withdraw to Ostend. However, this peace was of short duration. On 5th July the Dutch soldiers came back to the IJzer estuary. The soldiers of Albrecht had regrouped themselves and entrenched themselves in the town of Nieuwpoort. The Dutchmen besieged the town, but did not attack. Nieuwpoort did justice to its reputation of “impregnable fortress”. One week later the siege was scratched and Maurits returned empty-handed to the North.

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