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Tigeonville Monument

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Location type: Monument
Location address: 6690, Vielsalm, Tigeonville
Number of texts: 1
4 stars
Made by | Reference | © All rights reserved
Made by | © All rights reserved

Monument erected in honour of the Chasseurs Ardennais, to commemorate the battle of 10 May, 1940 around Rochelinval.
The Battle: On 10 May 1940, the left bank of the river was under the watch of Chasseurs Ardennais who were waiting for the enemy, who had been reported in Wanne.  The 5th Company of the 3rd Regiment was spread out at Rochelinval, blocking the way forward. The platoon of Second Lieutenant Liégeois, at the foot of the Rochelinval hill, was watching the road coming from Wanne. At 14.00, cavalry from the German 8th Infantry Division appeared to the south of Spineux. The Chasseurs Ardennais opened fire.  The enemy then launched a series of frontal attacks, but failed to force their way through.  At 15.30, an attack on the right flank ended in failure.  At 16.20, another attack, another failure.  The enemy understood that they had to commit more resources.   At 18.00, a broad outflanking movement started through the woods to the north of the position. Hand-to-hand fighting began at the position. The Belgian platoon was split in two.  But this German success did halt the enemy fire to the east of the river. They were afraid of hitting their own troops.  Taking advantage of this lull in the fighting, Second Lieutenant Liégeois was finally able to convey the order to withdraw. Three of his men were killed by the enemy.  But they had lost four precious hours, so the Chasseurs Ardennais had accomplished their mission.

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