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Operation Hush was a British plan to make amphibious landings on the Belgian coast in 1917 during World War I, supported by an attack from Nieuport and the Yser bridgehead, which had been created by the Battle of the Yser (1914). Several plans were considered in 1915–1916 and shelved due to operations elsewhere. Operation Hush was intended to begin when the main offensive at Ypres had advanced to Roulers and Thourout, linked by advances by the French and Belgian armies in between. Operation Strandfest was a German spoiling attack, launched in anticipation of an Allied coastal operation, on 10 July by Marine Corps Flanders, using mustard gas for the first time, supported by a mass of heavy artillery, which captured part of the bridgehead over the Yser and annihilated two British battalions. After several postponements, Operation Hush was cancelled on 14 October 1917, as the advance during the Third battle of Ypres was did not meet the objectives required to begin the attack. In April 1918 the Dover Patrol raided Zeebrugge, to sink blockships in the canal entrance to trap U-Boats, which closed the canal for a short time. In September – October 1918, the Belgian coast was occupied in the Fifth Battle of Ypres.

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Copyright: CC 3.0

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