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Barn path Bulskampveld Lippensgoed


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This barn path made of chestnut wood brings you with dry feet over these fens and is part of the Educative Walkway St.-Amandus.
Chestnut wood is as durable as tropical wood but it belongs more to this region.
These fens are fed with water from the nearby forest reserve ' De eendeputten'. All kinds of rare plant seeds come along with the water so that the same biotope can develop itself. The gale, the main component of the medieval' Gruut', will also settle here.
The path was renewed in 2016, together with the 2 corresponding bridges.
Along this path there are 4 works of art that enrich the Educational Nature Path Sint-Amandus since October 10,2006. They were designed and created by people from the psychiatric centre of Sint-Amandus during therapy sessions. They are linked to the 4 themes of the hike: forest, heathland, field pond and drift. The name of each work of art turned patients into stone. Sculpture was carried out under the supervision of scribe sculptor Janne Vergauwe.

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