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Deer in Bulskampveld


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Film of a deer at Loca Labora in the Bulskamp field.

Back from away: the fox and deer

The fox has been back in the Bulskampveld for several years. Reinaert used to be a normal appearance in the area. As a predator he plays an important role in nature. After all, a fox eats what is available and easy to obtain. Whole mice and rabbits are preferred, but as an omnivore he knows how to adapt to other foods. The richer the table is, the more successful its reproduction will be.

The deer is also a newcomer in the domain. The generalised cultivation of maize offered more migration opportunities for fox and deer. After all, maize remains in the field for a long time and offers food and coverage. For example, it was possible to bridge forest poor areas in order to reach the Bulskamp camp field from the Ieperse Heuvelland or from the Flemish Ardennes.

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