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Memorial Plaque Arthur Odevaert

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Memorial plaque in honour of war victim Arthur Odevaert.
Bronze inscription on the wall of his then house;
arreté le 26 juillet 1944 par la' GESTAPO''.
et fusille a Oostacker
L 24th Event 1944".

In memoriam
Odevaert Arthur
arrested on 26 July 1944 by Gestapo
and shot in Oostakker
on 24 August 1944

This was the last collective fusillade that took place in Oostakker. No less than fifteen men were executed that day as retaliatory measures, but the reason for this harsh retaliation is unclear. According to La Flandre Libérale, it would have been the murder of Melle's mayor. Just like the previous ones executed in Oostakker, the victims had already been arrested for various resistance activities in the months before and they had served their sentence in the Nieuwe Wandeling.
We can divide this group of fifteen into two groups according to their origins. A first
group of six men came from the region of Ronse, all of whom were arrested after an
Failed sabotage action by the Secret Army at a bridge in the hamlet of Louise-Marie on 7.
July 1944. The ball went rolling with Edmond Van Der Donckt from Ellezelles, a village.
that now belongs to Hainaut. Liaison officer Van Der Donckt spoke on 26 July
In 1944 his mouth passed on to the café, while informants of the SIPO-SD were present. The
German government would have understood directly from his statements that it was he who was not the one who was not.
less than 18 resistance fighters had helped to go into hiding after the sabotage action. The
Arrests began the next night, in the early morning of 27 July. One of the
Victims were the day labourer Gilbert Dutranoit from Ronse. He participated in various events
Armament droppings and sabotages. His fellow townsman Gaston Verdonckt, a tailor,
had participated in sabotages and (arms)droppings. The other two Ronsenaars
bus manager Emiel Geenens and his son, the student Albert Geenens, were barely present.
19 years old when he was shot together with his father. They were both certainly active
involved in the sabotage of the bridge in question, a last fatal victim of this one.
group was Arthur Odevaert, who was the liaison between the hiding places La Mouette.
and Le Canard. He also participated in droppings and sabotages and held in his own home.
Some of the saboteurs went into hiding. Odevaert still has a street name in it today
his birthplace Schorisse. It seems plausible that others too in these circumstances
were arrested, but they were not selected as hostages, or were already in the process of being taken hostage.
Germany deported.

On 5 November 1944, the Gazet van Aalst mentions the excavation in Oostakker of 15 corpses, including that of Arthur Odevaert from Schorisse. He was recognized by his clothes and other objects.

The house with the memorial plaque used to be an inn called "In the Boschgat", until recently a café called "Bosterijst" and later a café called "In den Engel" (number 23/ Arthur Odevaertstraat), only worthy of mention as a hotbed in 1788 of the peasant uprising in Schorisse, but present house from the second quarter of the 20th century.

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