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Arboretum of Bouillon


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This arboretum was created in 1906 and covers 2ha56. The site is worth a visit for its numerous exotic tree species that we can find there. Most of the trees originally come from Asia and North America, and they are visible from open and pleasant hiking trails.
It contains about 150 native and exotic species of deciduous trees and resinous species. It has a Tsuga mertensiana, crowned champion of Belgium, and an Abies grandis who with his 48 meters height became vice-champion of Belgium.
If the Virginie Tulip Tree (Liriodendron tulipifera) attracts your attention in May-June because of its beautiful flowers, then you should come and admire the Japanese larch (Larix kaempferi) in August, with its flamboyant yellow-orange shades. The sequoia, the giants in the world of conifers, will fascinate you with their breathtaking beauty. Our Vice-Champion of Belgium, the Vancouver fir or Giant Sparrow (Abies grandis) awaits you with impatience... This coniferous tree grows incredibly fast, and is recognizable by the smell of citronella that is released when we bruise the needles!
A beautiful arboretum ... and free to visit!

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