Commemorative plaque Maria Deveux - Sugny

Source: Willem Vandenameele

Maria Deveux, whose real name was Eugénie, was born in Sugny on March 5, 1898.

According to the oral testimony of Mr. Roland Titeux (June 7, 2020) , Maria worked in a bar in Brussels , located on a major avenue, and came into contact with many people, including Germans, or heard information that she passed on to the Belgian /French/English army. .. In 1914-18 she had already been arrested for passing on plans to the Belgian army.

Gifted with a deep sense of patriotism, and dismissive of the German occupation during the 1914–1918 War , she was tipped as a spy and endured her first captivity.

The 1940–1945 war again found her in resistance groups , where she spent many sleepless days and nights relaying military plans and intelligence and clandestinely distributing magazines intended to undermine the morale of the occupying forces. Accused by her most loyal friend, she was arrested by the Gestapo on September 22, 1942 and sent back to Saint-Gilles prison for 11 months. Then she was sent to the Monthausen camp . It was during the transfer from Monthausen to Belsen and as a result of the horrific conditions of captivity that she died.

She had a fiery, cheerful character, armed with an indomitable spirit, and she died “standing” in that open wagon , that convoy of death.

... She left behind her son, who was also arrested but fortunately was able to return home.

Maria (Eugénie) Deveux died on April 8, 1945, shortly before the liberation.


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Source: Willem Vandenameele

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