Gravel road High Fens/Perlenbachtal/Kalltal

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101 km
1454 m

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This gravel track consists of 43% gravel roads, which are mainly good. Some gravel roads have more of a drool or steniger character (which applies, for example, to a section along the Perlenbach dam and through the Upper Kalltal (near Paustenbach)). That's why you need good tires (gravel tires at least 36 mm wide).

The route starts at the unpaved parking lot of the former Roetgen train station, which is located on the Vennbahn. The route goes directly away from the Vennbahn, out of the bustling Roetgen and you immediately set course for Belgium. Here you cycle over asphalt and gravel roads closed to car traffic through the High Fens until finally just over 600 meters in altitude. You cross the road Eupen - Mützenich and drive partly on gravel roads, partly asphalt roads through the High Fens. You cycle along the beautiful Schwarzsee (étang du Schwarzenbach) and then climb the rather steep (10%) Pannensterzkopf (summit at 665 m altitude). The ascent is on a good asphalt road, the descent partly on asphalt, partly on gravel road. At Küchelscheid you cycle back to Germany.

The route now goes in the direction of the valley of the Perlenbach and the Fürstenbach: Here there are long gravel roads (about 8 km in total), in a slightly sloping direction with an ascent in between.
Then you cross the K25 and cycle on gravel roads, which have somewhat stony surfaces, along the Perlenbach dam. You cycle over the dam and turn onto the B399, which is not too busy (you have to pass a fence). You climb in the direction of Kalterherberg and then descend into the valley of the Rur (Dutch: Roer). Here you follow the good gravel road in a descending direction along the Roer to Monschau.

After 67 km you will reach Monschau, an ideal place to stop for refreshments. You then climb steeply over cobblestones to the castle of Monschau and leave Monschau again. You climb away from the surroundings of Monschau through the valley of the Kleiner Laufenbach (a steep climb, and the gravel road also has passages with worn sections of road due to runoff water). You now reach the Vennbahn, a paved cycle path over a former railway line (the Vennbahn) and follow it to Konzen. Then dive into the valley of the Kall, first on asphalt roads, along the Witches' Square, and later on gravel roads.

You cross the busy B266 and descend further into the valley of the Kall via a good asphalt road. At the Kalltalsperre you switch to gravel roads to circle the reservoir, and then you climb out of the valley of the Kall on gravel roads and cycle to Lammersdorf. On gravel roads it goes from about 550 meters in altitude to Roetgen at about 380 meters in altitude (completely through forests) and the last part goes over the asphalted Vennbahn.

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