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Patricia Lake


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Here at Patricia Lake, a part of a top-secret World War II project was carried out: Project Habakkuk. The plan was to build boats from ice mixed with wood pulp. This material is also called pykrete. Pykrete is stronger than plain ice, it melts slower, and of course does not sink. The prototype built here at Patricia Lake was 60 by 30 feet (18 by 9 m), weighing in at 1,000 tons and kept frozen by a one-horsepower motor. The idea found its roots at the problem that steel and aluminium were in short supply during WWII. And on top of it, this pykrete was hard to bomb. It is torpedo-proof if it is 12 m thick. The Admiralty wanted that heavy bombers should be able to take off from it, which meant that the deck had to be 2,000 ft (610 m) long. The size of such a ship was causing huge technical problems and the project was never operational.

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