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Hatzic Lake is an oxbow lake adjoining the Fraser River on the east side of Mission, British Columbia, Canada, immediately below that district municipality's neighbourhood of Hatzic, which is on a benchland above and to the west of the lake. Its waters subject to flood control, it is no longer natural as the land in the centre of the oxbow, Hatzic Island, is a relatively densely populated suburban and recreational community. The length of the lake, on its north-south axis, is approximately 3.7 km, while Hatzic Island is approximately 2.6 km in length, with the widest parts of the lake off the northern end of the oblong island at about 775 m. The width of the lake inclusive from its extreme west to east is about 2.5 km. BC Highway 7 and the mainline of the Canadian Pacific Railway cross its southern end, just south of the southernmost parts of Hatzic Island.

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