Verzasca Dam


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The Contra dam (or Verzasca dam) was made famous by a Bond movie. The opening scene of the 1995 Bond film GoldenEye was filmed here. In the film the dam doubles as the fictional Arkangel Chemical Weapons Facility located in the northern Soviet Union during the Cold War.

The Contra dam (or Verzasca dam) is a 220-meter high arch hydroelectric dam in the Val Verzasca, Switzerland. It was constructed between 1960 and 1965.

The dam forms Lago di Vogorno, an artificial reservoir. The designer, Dr. Lombardi, considers it one of his most aesthetically pleasing dams, primarily because of the slenderness of the concrete arch; the smaller volume of concrete also kept construction costs low.

The dam leases access to a commercial bungee jump operator.



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