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From Chandolin to the Bisse de Sarrasin

CH | | 18.5 km


Author: Sander Vancanneyt

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Route description

Last year we tried to do the Bisse de Sarrasin from Chandolin to Fang and enter the Bisse there to Vercorin. Our goal then was return to the bridge at Niouc put that wasn't possible, the old paths on the charts where in very bad state and really unsafe.
This year it was time to do the other side of the Bisse, again starting off in Chandolin and go down to Fang where we enter the Bisse again but in the direction of Pinsec.
The Bisse itself is less good then the part to Vercorin, maybe it's because the other part has some more ravines where you pass over. But nevertheless it's a nice path in the forest where you learn some more about the Bisse itself.
After the Bisse we ended up in Pinsec, from there we set foot to Mayoux and thereafter Vissoie. Normally we would have taken the bus here to Chandolin but we where a bit too late. Because it was an other two hour wait we decided to set foot to Saint-Luc, witch was indicated for an other two hour climb, and take the bus there. The climb to Saint-Luc is very heavy, certainly with such is hot temperatures. At Saint-Luc i had lost most of my powers but my friend already set foot to Chandolin (along the forest), so no bus but keep holding on and climbing further to Chandolin. I was glad that i finally saw a terrace....

Nice and easy hike, but it ends with a big climb.

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