Curse of Novgorod


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The train departs from the station, and travels through a small indoor dark ride section filled with special effects. The train then drops down a small dip which leads right onto the LSM launch track. The LSM's rocket the train from 12 to 62.1 mph in 1.4 seconds, immediately into a hard banked turn to the right, curving upwards, and out of the building. The train passes a top-hat which provides a moment of airtime, before dropping back down. The train then travels through a large overbanked turn to the left and into a pretzel-turn. Following the pretzel-turn, the train travels through a heartline-roll and onto a brake run which slows the train to a halt before entering the show building once more. The train then climbs a 90 degree vertical lift hill with more special effects in complete darkness. The train crests the top of the lift hill and drops down a 97 degree, beyond vertical drop. The train is then slammed into a quick banked turn to the left, and onto a straight-away track (which is alongside the launch track), which has breaks to slow it down a bit. The train then rises up a small hill, and onto the final brake run, which leads back into the station.


Copyright: CC 3.0

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