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In order to build facilities more resistant to Allied forces bombing raids, the German Armaments Ministry began construction of underground factories using the prisoners of concentration camps for labor. Smaller concentration camps were established to facilitate the excavation of tunnels into mountains and caves. Dachau had two systems of sub-camps, Kaufering and Mühldorf. Kaufering was established to create a fighter plane factory in the Landsberg region, selected for its geology. Kaufering included eleven camps, the largest containing thousands of prisoners, primarily Jewish, living in partially buried huts for camouflage from aerial reconnaissance.
Kaufering Lager IV was discovered by soldiers of the 134th Ordinance Maintenance Battalion of the 12th Armored Division led by Capt. John P. Jones around noon on April 27, 1945. The SS began death marching prisoners to Dachau pending the US arrival and at camp IV, the SS killed hundreds of the prisoners by setting fire to the barracks. Colonel Edward F. Seiller, commander of the 12th Armored Division's Military Government, took control of the camp and had some 250 civilians from the nearby town of Landsberg brought to the camp and made them bury the dead prisoners. These 360 dead repose in a cemetery located where the roll-call area of the camp used to be, that is about a mile south of the village of Hurlach.

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