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Weavers‘ cottage

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Location type: Story
Location address: Deutschland, Hof
Number of texts: 1
3 stars
Made by | Reference PeterBraun74 | © CC 3.0
Made by | Reference | © CC 3.0

The weavers‘ cottage in the village of Kleinschwarzenbach is one of the historical monuments of the town of Helmbrechts which are listed for protection. It is an important example of the cultural heritage and the way of life of the weavers in pre-industrial times in the Franconian Forest
The weavers’ cottage is located near the village centre, slightly off the main road to Schwarzenbach am Wald. In the village street called “Zum Weberhaus” there are two other weavers’ cottages, listed for protection. Among other typical features these houses have a very characteristic roof , and it is remarkable that the family and animals lived under the same roof . In this very village there are more former weavers’ cottages. Over the centuries some of them have gone through considerable changes. Yet, the number of weavers’ cottages in Kleinschwarzenbach is striking, so that experts call Kleinschwarzenbach a weavers’ village. The weavers’ cottage museum in the nearby village of Neudorf is another point of interest; it belongs to the neighbouring town of Schauenstein. The Upper Franconian Textile Museum in Helmbrechts explores both the historical origins of weaving and the development of the modern textile industry in the region. The weavers’ cottage of Kleinschwarzenbach was part of a special exposition called “Zwischenlichten” .

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