Schloss Fronberg


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The estate is mentioned in 1305. The lords of the castle, and bailiffs of Mappenberg then rebuild their castle destroyed by fire. The castle is still on fire during the war of succession of Landshut and part burned in 1594. The castle and its lands belong to 1622-1829 the barons von Spiering, then the Countess von Holnstein, born Baroness von Spiering.
The Countess von Holnstein lived with her lover, Baron von Kunsberg, she married before dying. This is one of the women whose portrait belongs to the gallery of beauties from Nymphenburg Castle, commissioned by King Ludwig I of Bavaria. The castle then passed to his descendants, the Kunsberg von Fronberg barons. It was acquired in 1875 by Baron von Breidbach-Bürresheim, whose descendants are still in the castle today. They have restored in 1992 and regularly organize concerts, medieval shows and plays for the public.


Copyright: CC 3.0

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