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Weiskirchen transmitter

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Location type: Tower
Location address: Deutschland, Offenbach
Number of texts: 1
3 stars
Made by | Reference Echtner | © CC 3.0
Made by | Reference | © CC 3.0

Weiskirchen transmitter, which is property of the Hessian broadcasting company is a mediumwave broadcasting facility, situated in the northwest area of the hessian village Weiskirchen, which is a part of Rodgau, close of the motorway A 3.
The quarter Weiskirchen of Rodgau is since 1967 location of a medium-wave transmitter of the Hessian broadcasting company for the frequency 594 kHz. Until the conversion of medium-wave transmission frequencies to by nine divisible kilohertz values according to the wave plan of Geneva wave in 1978, its transmission frequency was 593 kHz. Until 1994 the transmitting power was 400 kW. In 1994, it was reduced to 300 kW. Weiskirchen transmitter has a directional antenna, which consists of two 126.5-metre-tall guyed lattice steel mast radiators insulated against ground. In opposite to other guyed masts used for medium wave transmission, its guys are not partitioned with insulators. Instead they are grounded over coils situated directly close to the anchor block, which are so tuned, that high frequency currents in the guys are as low as possible. One avoids by this guy construction expansive maintenance work at surge arresters at insulators partitioning the guys. The Weiskirchen transmitter forms together with Hoher Meissner transmitter a single frequency network. The directive pattern of the transmitter has a maximum toward northwest and two minima pointing toward northeast and southeast. By regulation of the feeding power for each mast, the directivity pattern can be changed, in cooperation with Hoher Meissner transmitter the maximum even to the east.

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