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Lütsche is a river of Thuringia, Germany. Her two headwaters originate near Oberhof . The right source stream , the grassy Lütsche , rises approximately 760 meters above sea level on the heap and passes through the Löffelbühlsgraben and the Supreme Wiesengrund between the mountains clevis and larch head . The left source river , the stony Lütsche , rises approximately 735 meters above sea level in the house fountains and flows through the Langen ground between the mountains Larch head and Wade Mountain . Both come together in the 1938 built Lütschetalsperre . The Lütsche leaves the dam and flows through the Lütschegrund . Here there are numerous quarries . The Lütsche flows between the north westerly 677 feet high Borzel and the southeast, 616 meters high Bergmann head through . From the north of the 3 km long Ensebach opens into the Lütsche . formerly was the village Lütsche At the confluence . Below opens the Lütsche in Gräfenroda at Herrenmühle in the Wilde Gera .

Source: Wikipedia.org

Copyright: CC 3.0

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