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Vohandu, Estonia

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Route description

River Võhandu is the longest river in Estonia and runs through Põlva and Võru Counties with its numerous affluents. Depending on the water level, some parts of its upper and lower course can be either rapid or calmer. You should be more attentive when passing over mill dams as there are higher waves, more rocks and a faster current. The headwaters of River Võhandu are remarkably narrower, lower and curvier and you should pay close attention to trees that might have fallen into the river. They often stand straight across the river. The headwaters from Kärgula to Sulbi are passable only with high waters. Suur Võhandu is fully passable, the water can get much lower between Paidra-Leevi. When starting from Võru city at Tamula Lake, river banks are mostly low. After couple of hours of rowing they gradually become higher and the river reaches an ancient valley. In that section you can enjoy water tourism on a kayak or inflatable boat. The ancient valley has multiple additional valleys and vertical sandstone outcrops. There are several springs and spring caves in rock walls and side valleys. The most ancient and interesting part of the river is 45 kilometres long and starts from the border of Põlva and Võru County. Within that territory lies a nature reserve that is 12 kilometres long and includes 300 m of both shores. It is the most rapid part of the river with multiple mill dams. Over time, 7 watermills have been built on the river. Some of them stand in ruins by now but crossing them is what gives the hikers an adrenaline rush. From the river, hikers can enjoy great views on indigenous forests and meadows and sandstone outcrops that the old people called the walls. At Leevi, Leevaku and Räpina water reservoirs the riverbed is wider and the current practically non-existent. This is the best part for enjoying the nature and surroundings. Võhandu River is rich of fish and very valuable fishing-wise. The ancient valley is scenic, fallen trees and mill spots create some extra rush.
Boats hire operators:
Ahja Matkad OÜ (Canoe) (+372) 5836 9804
Haudamäe resort house (+372) 514 5435
Kanuumatkaja (Canoe/Kayaks) (+372) 5615 6221 (+372) 5332 4876 (Canoe/Sup) (+372) 503 1495
Livonia Matkad (Canoe) (+372) 5669 1318
Lokko Talu (Canoe) (+372) 512 5276
Matkajuht OÜ (Inflatable/canoe) (+372) 5667 8113
Puhka Looduses OÜ (Canoe) (+372) 5568 2737
Roosu Talu canoe trips (Canoe) (+372) 505 5707
Seiklusmatkaklubi Toonus Pluss (Canoe) (+372) 505 5702
Tammekännu Holiday House (Canoe) (+372) 515 5214
Veetee (Inflatable/Canoe) (+372) 5060987
Vesipapp (Canoe) (+372) 511 9117 (+372) 514 5430
Võhandu Holiday Centre (Canoe) (+372) 5330 5452

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