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Islas Cies

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Location type: Garden
Location address: 36202, Vigo
Number of texts: 1
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Cies Islands

The archipelagos of Cies, Ons, Sálvora Cortegada and the marine environment around them are the contrasting blue-green landscape that characterizes the Maritime-Land National Park of Atlantic Islands of Galicia.

Immersed in its waters are preserved some of the most representative examples of marine Atlantic, which is rich biological treasure. Its location, in front of the Rias Baixas, creates a natural barrier to the ocean that accentuates the estuarine environment of the estuaries. In the terrestrial environment include the dunes, cliffs and thickets of gorse and heather. In the marine environment are important rocky forest communities of brown algae (Laminaria spp Sacorhiza polyschides and) that are home to a variety of living things.

Ocean currents deposited sand in sheltered areas together with the substantial funds maerl (consisting of remains of calcareous algae) create means for moving substrate to be matched to living beings.

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