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The children´s lake

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Location type: Garden
Number of texts: 1
3 stars
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Made by | © All rights reserved

From this place we can contemplate the unique ecosystem which is part of the children´s lake, the barriers of Roda´s beach, its dune system and the lagoon which both seprates and gets together the Norhtern or Monteagudo islands and the lighthouse or middle island. This system is defined by its high biodiversity, geomorphology, flora and fauna on the beache, dunes and on the lagoon where we can see populations of aquatic, marine and mud birds).
From the dike we can easily see fish, crustacean, mollusk and cephalopods as well as the few remains of the walls which used to form the shellfish farm or the oyster and lobster hatchery .
If we have a look at the lanscape we will see the huge mass of trees that covers the islands, which is there as a result of a wrong forestry policy from the middle of the 20th century with the introduction of exotic, invading and foreign species and the terrible results caused.

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