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Monte Farelo, where the chapel of the Virxe do Monte (18th century) stands, is a strategic area close to Cape Vilán. From this promontory (about 60 m. high) you can see much of the coast, the lighthouse and the ria opening to the sea. In front of you is the Sanctuary of the Virxe da Barca, who according to one of the many legends, was the Virxe do Monte's sister, each settling in on either side of the ria to protect it.
They say that the Virxe do Monte warned mariners about coming storms so they would not go out to sea. They in turn built a church in her honour in Camariñas that was destroyed and, later on, an image of her appeared on this hill. Her procession is celebrated on Easter Monday.
People ask or asked the Virgin for the safety of sailors and young men doing the military service. With her image carried on people's shoulders, the procession rounds the chapel three times. In the old days, devotees made this pilgrimage on their knees, even the day before, staying for the night. Inside, in addition to the candles lit for the deceased, there are votive offerings of boats.
In stormy days, the sailors' wives came here to fulfil the rite known as "turning the tile" according to which, by changing the direction of one tile, the wind direction changed too. Hence, men had good work days and returned home safe and sound.

Copyright: All rights reserved

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