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Location type: Culture
Number of texts: 1
3 stars
Made by | Reference | © All rights reserved
Made by | © All rights reserved

Currently, Camelle is Camariñas’ second fishing port in importance. The headquarters of the Seafarers’ Guild is very close to where you are now. Here you will see day boats and bottom longliners. If you go to the dock at about 3 or 4 in the afternoon, you can witness the unloading of the catch, a real spectacle for the senses.
In the past, and due both to the many shipwrecks taking place along this coast and to the central location of the town, the port of Camelle became the Costa da Morte first salvage station. The warehouse of the Barbeito Salvage Station Company (1891) was located where the Museo de Man is today. In addition to saving lives, they also broke up ships. The divers of Camelle were so renowned that in the 1960s they were in charge of inspecting Spain’s swamps. It was a thriving business until 1921, when it was dismantled and 7 small family companies were established here.
The remains of the shipwrecks ended up here too, making of Camelle a sort of international free port.
Just an anecdote: in the port, particularly in the area where the slating factories were, there are rocks that are not from around here. The boats coming here to load scrap metal used them as ballast, and when they departed, they left them behind.
AUDIO:  Song of Camelle sung by the palilleiras

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