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The Basa inlet is an estuary of the Camariñas ria. It is V-shaped and shellfish-rich. At low tide you can walk on the sands and look closely at the riverside vegetation. If you are lucky enough, you will find the Camariñas' shellfish gatherers at work. Some of the shellfish collected in this area, just as in O Ariño, are cockles and Manila, carpetshell and grooved carpetshells clams, all of which can be enjoyed in Camariñas' restaurants.
In summer it is also common to see "carpets" of algae left to dry. It is a tradition here and in the Santa Mariña and Arou ports –in the northern coast of Camariñas–, and other ports of the Costa da Morte such as Muxía. On a side note: seaweed fit for human consumption are collected from the seawaters of Santa Mariña and Arou.
The "argazo" or "gholfre" seaweeds, a type of red algae, are a source of carrageenan, a natural product, similar to agar. This compound is used in the food industry as a meat gelling agent, to increase dairy products' shelf life or as a thickening agent of toothpaste, creams, air fresheners, etc.
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Copyright: All rights reserved

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