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This centrally located area of Camariñas, just in front of the Tourist Information Office leads to the Anxo square and the Volanta street, where you will find traditional coastal-style houses. It is the casa do patín, evolved from the "casa do pincho" and the"casa do remo".
The casa do patín is the quintessential coastal house. The patín is an outdoor stone staircase, sometimes covered, forming an extension of the roof. It served as the house's entrance, as a place for sunbathing or for enjoying some fresh air, as a gathering spot at night and as a place to tie up the nets to be sewn or dried, and also to hang the laundry out to dry.
The casa do pincho gets its name from the hook that was mounted on the gable wall (upper triangular portion of the facade) from where nets were hung to be sewn up. Its most salient feature is that one of the gable walls is the building's main facade.
The casas do remo evolved from the casas do pincho. They are taller, with an additional upper floor sometimes used as a bedroom. The width of the house is that of paddle.
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