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Source: Jean Faucheux

Granitic masses located near the village of Toulx Saint Croix in the Creuse, at the top of Mount Barlot, the '' Pierres Jaumâtres '' are a classified site for 80 years stoking the curiosity of many visitors. Unique and surprising the '' Pierres Jaumâtres " are located in a preserved natural area. What gives this place its features rare and special, it is the heavily eroded granitic masses which are at the top of the hill, overlooking the plains around Creuse. Carved stones and made unstable by the appearance time and the elements, the '' Pierres Jaumâtres '' have often reminds prehistoric monuments such as dolmens and menhirs. Geological curiosity, a very long time, fueled many stories and legends about its origine.

Source: Gerard Charbonnel



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