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Battle of the Aisne

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Historical event
Location type: Historical event
Location address: France, Picardie, Beaurieux
Number of texts: 2
4 stars
Made by | Reference NEAULT | © CC 3.0
Made by | Reference | © CC 3.0

The Third Battle of the Aisne (French: 3e Bataille de L’Aisne) was a battle of the German Spring Offensive during World War I that focused on capturing the Chemin des Dames Ridge before the American Expeditionary Force could arrive completely in France. It was one of a series of offensives, known as the Kaiserschlacht, launched by the Germans in the spring and summer of 1918. The American Buffalo Soldiers of the 92nd Infantry Division (United States) and the 93rd Infantry Division (United States) were the first Americans to fight in France, albeit detached from the AEF and under French command.[citation needed] {The 92nd Division was not shipped from the United States to France until 18 July 1918 and the first element of the 93rd 369th Infantry Regiment was shipped out on 17 December 1917 with the remainder of the Division shipped out in Feb, Mar and April of 1918. The 1st Infantry Division began arriving in France in June of 1917. The first elements entered combat on 23 Oct 1917 and the first American casualty of the war was from the 1st Division on 25 Oct 1917. All information from the Center of Military History. } The 92nd & 93rd would continue to fight under French command for the duration of the war.

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Made by DromosReference
Made by Dromos

During World War I, the Chemin Des Dames lay in the part of the Western Front held by French armies. Its position led to its being the scene of several bloody battles between 1914 and 1918.

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