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At the end of the 18th century, the first demonstration took place of the tachograph designed by Claude Chappe at Brûlon. This version of the tachograph was a kind of clock with a hand pointed to letters. The hand moved slowly. There was also a hatch that could be open or closed. Both the hand and the hatch could be seen from afar. The open hatch gave an indication that at that time the letter indicated by the hand had to be read. The tachograph was looked at by a telescope. Chappe demonstrated this system in Brûlon on March 2, 1791 to the notary, mayor and priest who confirmed that a correct message was transmitted. You can still see more about this event this in the local museum. Chappe worked further on this initial design of his tachograph.

A later version of the Chappe-telegraph can still be seen at the Kochersberg at the nearby Neugartheim-Ittlenheim.


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