Section 10 Paris-Roubaix


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Start strook 10: Mons-en-Pévele *****
Lengte: 3km
Good condition for the first 1,100m, then deteriorating, followed by 1,100m on which mud runs down from fields.

First used in 1978. Overall the 3,000m rises from 53m at the start to 63m at the end. It begins with a 300m drop of two per cent down to the Ruisseau La Petite Marque at 47m. This is followed by 800m that rise 3m. A 90 degree right hand turn to the rue du Blocus introduces a 800m straight that falls 2m and leads to a difficult, muddy, 90-degree left hand turn to the ruelle Flamande. The final 1,100m of the ruelle Flamande and Chemin de Randonnée Pédèstre rise 16m to Mérignies.



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