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Glenbuck Loch

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Location type: Lake
Location address: UK, Glenbuck
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Made by Dromos

The Loch of Glenbuck was created 1802 by one James Finlay for his Catrine Lace Mill. The lake powered turbines there till 1967. The water also powered a dozen other water mills downstream. The dams creation largely drained the valley downstream and allowed the road to be relocated into the valley floor along the route of the modern A70 and paved the way for the adjacent railway line around 1839. Previously the land was a dense bog with the old coach road higher up on the opposite side of valley running below Wee Darnhunch across the fields where gaps in the stone walls (dykes) shows the old Toll Route.

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Railway enthusiasts considered the Loch of Glenbuck which was dissected by the 1830 line to be an exceptional place to photograph trains with still water either side of the line and many photos.

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Made by Dromos

In many geology maps and notes the Glenbuck Loch is mentioned due to fossilised fish from the Pleistocene as well of course for coal seams.

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