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Palace of Nestor

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Historical place
Location type: Historical place
Number of texts: 1
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Made by Dromos | Reference Suiadan Wordpress
Made by Dromos

The Palace of Nestor is here discovered at Epano Englianos. It is the largest known Mycenaean palace complex found (so far).

To indicate how powerful this king was in Greece, one should only look at the numbers of ships he sent to the Troyan war. he sent 90 ships. The ‘Great Agamemnon’ of Mycene sent just a bit more: 100.

Famous is the bathtub of Nestor, which is very well preserved and still at the location.

This site is also important because they discovered a lot of tablets with LInear B writing. These were used by the architect Michael Ventris to decipher this language. He did this by means of statistical analysis of the words and letters.

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