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Troezen is an important place in the Greek mythology. The ancient city also possessed a spring, supposedly formed where the winged horse Pegasus once came to ground. According to Greek mythology, Troezen came into being as a result of two ancient cities, Hyperea and Anthea, being unified by Pittheus, who named the new city in honor of his deceased brother Troezen. Troezen was the place where Aethra, daughter of Pittheus, slept with both Aegeus and Poseidon the same night, and fell pregnant with the great Greek hero Theseus. Before returning to Athens, Aegeus left his sandals and sword under a large boulder in Troezen, and requested that when the child was able to prove himself by moving the boulder he must return the items to his father in Athens; Theseus did indeed lift the boulder when he came of age. Did you know that Troezen girls traditionally dedicated a lock of their hair to the Hippolytus, the son of Theseus who becomes the subject of the love of his stepmother, Phaedra before marriage. Euripides created a tragedy called Hippolytus which was set in Troezen.

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