Santa Maria del Popolo


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Santa Maria del Popolo contains the Chigi Chapel where you can find Bernini''s Habbakuk (a prophet) and the Angel that took him by the hair and transported him to Babylon to succour Daniel, who is represented in the corresponding niche on the opposite wall. You also find Agostino Chigi''s pyramidal wall tomb.

The Chigi chapel was designed by Raphael for his friend and patron Sienese banker Agostino Chigi, then completed by Gian Lorenzo Bernini more than a century after Raphael''s death in 1520. Raphael gave the chapel a centralized octagonal plan representing the Creation of the World surrounded by the sun and the seven classical planets, each moved by an angel.

Part of Dan Brown''s book Angels and Demons takes place in the Chigi Chapel, where the sculpture of Habakkuk and the Angel is one of the four "markers" leading to an ancient lair in the Castel Sant''Angelo.



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