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This lists ranks the tallest completed and topped out buildings in Italy that stand at least 100 m tall, based on standard height measurement. This includes spires and architectural details but does not include antenna masts. Only habitable building are ranked which excludes radio masts and towers, observation towers, steeples, chimneys and other tall architectural structures.
Even though it is well known for famous ancient structures, and modern high rise buildings are not common in most of its cities, Italy curiously played a key role as precursor in the construction of the first modern skyscrapers in Europe. The history of skyscrapers in Italy began with the completion of Torrione INA in Brescia. The tower is 57 m high and was completed in 1932. Torre Piacentini in Genoa was the tallest high rise building in Europe from 1940 to 1952 as well as the first one whose roof reached and exceeded the height of 100 metres. After 1952, Italy lost the record in Europe but it continued to have the tallest buildings in the European Union until 1966, with three different skyscrapers: Torre Breda , Grattacielo di Cesenatico and Pirelli Tower . The construction of high rise buildings was interrupted in the 1970s and 1980s, and restarted from 1990 until nowadays, mainly in Naples and Milan, but also in Rome, Genoa and Turin. Nevertheless, only Milan and Naples have developed a skyline of high-rise buildings and skyscrapers in their city centres.

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