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Route description

The Bārta River flows into Latvia from Lithuania, where it is called as Bartuva, but it ends its flow in the Liepaja Lake. The Bārta is excellent river for recreation trips. A small, but all the time constant drop almost up to Nīca, beautiful landscapes, islands and islets, sometimes funny and interesting construction, ancient and not so ancient touch of history.
Upon getting into canoes at the border of Lithuania (on the right bank there is Apše estuary, on the left Sedviņi Cemetery) the Bārta does not surprise with grand landscapes. Sloping banks are covered with traditional fauna: alders and bird-cherries through which some small, stubborn pine-trees are edging out. Sometimes you can see also some islands, but in the end of June time by time above the water can be seen also some tops of rushes. After 3.6 km begins the forest, the river bends becomes more rounded, its flow becomes quite expectable, but not uninteresting. From time to time from the river can be seen also some meadows and some houses. Forest rapidly ends after 7.3 km giving the place for processed fields and pastures, but on the bank of the river returns alders and clusters of bird-cherries.
The first noticeable landmark is the estuary of the right bank tributary Vārtāja. Here you can stop at well-maintained camp, climb in Kalēti castle mound and find some golden barrels what as it is alleged during ancient times are buried here. You have paddled from the Lithuanian border already 12.4 km
The next 6.7 km to the bridge of Bārta village has landscapes with agricultural character typical for Latvia. The river becomes wider, the spacious bends meets with sloping fields of crops, cozy cattle herds, grasslands and bush areas. Here appear also campsite buildings - some abandoned, some partially populated - remained from the Soviet era, when recreation sites on the banks of the BārtaRiver were formed by the largest companies of Liepaja. Near the bridge is a well-maintained intermediate finish/starting place of the route.
After the bridge of Bārta village the landscape becomes wilder, after 2.9 km the river again becomes surrounded the beautiful coniferous forest, which will continue for the next 10 km. Like the entire flow of the Bārta also the forest section is rich in larger and smaller islets and large bends, the faster section is followed by calmer and here you need to row more actively. One after the other with interval of 1.1 km are following two places where you can get out and stretch your legs - camping “ODS” and Vīles bridge – bridge of Little train over the Bārta River . Photo session here is a must! You have paddled from the Lithuanian border already 25.6 km.

After forest the flow of the Bārta stops to the large island, which has to be bypassed along the right side. Here begins construction and landscape of agricultural character that will continue for the next 7 km up to Nīcabridge . Paddling along the various buildings is quite interesting and views in no way are monotonous. Here the Bārta keeps constant speed of flow what ends only less than a kilometre before Nīcabridge. Here begins dredged section of the Bārta, on the banks are clearly visible dams. It is recommended stop the paddling 300 m behind the Nīcabridge, here is located well-maintained Nīca Region water tourism centre “Upeskrasti”. Boat hire operators:
Abavas Brīvdienas (Canoe/Kayaks) (+371)26825352
Biedrība pārcēlājs (Canoe) (+371) 26426992
Campo (Inflatable/Canoe/Kayaks/SeaKayaks) (+371) 29404049
Kalētu VIG laivas (Canoe) (+371) 26423893
Kanoecentrs (SUP/Canoe/Kayaks/SeaKayaks) (+371) 26116933
Kurzemeslaivas (Canoe) (+371) 29985244
Lapsas (Canoe) (+371) 29135682
Mučas (+371) 26132961
Niknās laivas (row-boats/kayaks) (+371) 26377055
Sofijas laivas (canoe/rafts/kayaks) (+371) 29339677
Tūrisma klubs oga (Inflatable/Canoe/Kayaks) (+371) 26490324

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