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This walk is highly recommended to do with good weather. The breathtaking views and the beautiful stream valleys bring the hiker peace and relaxation. In addition, this walk is a must for nature friends through the many different biotopes.

Winseler is one of the eight beautiful typical Ardennes villages, which is a stone's throw away from the N15. The villages Berlé, Doncols, Grümelscheid, Pommerloch and Noertrange, located in the plateau and Schleif, Sonlez and Winseler located in a valley, together form the municipality Winseler.

We cross the "Gengelschen" opposite the town hall, and turn left before the "Wiltz". You are now in a "Natura 2000" project. Natura 2000 is a nature project of europe that ensures that different species of birds in Europe are given a chance to survive.Vallée supérieure de la Wiltz / Derenbach-Weischent (that is the name of this Natura 2000 project) is 187 Ha large and encloses for a large part the river course of the "Wiltz" .After 1km after you have seen a biotope Slate formation and its vegetation on the left, before the tunnel on the left a biotope "omlade place for slate", turn left and you walk till to the "Duerfstooss". There you turn right and immediately left again "Hoelschent". You keep following this road as far as possible, always straight on, until you reach the top of a T intersection. Now turn right until the vent away from the N 15 where you turn right is going. You then walk along the N15 (Babysitting!) Until you reach the next vent road where you can see Noertrange, Eschweiler and then Knaphoscheid (10 km) in the distance in clear weather. You will now go right on the dirt road then right and once left until you go downhill on the paved road. At the Mesthoop you go sharp left to the corner of the forest where you go straight downhill until the ponds cross the bridge. Follow this road with a Biotope standing water on the left and the ponds right. Before the end of this road where you go straight you do not have a Biotope low moor. Now you can follow this big road (beware!) Where on the left the natura 2000 project is a piece of guidance and right for "Hoelschent" nor a biotope Slate formation, you follow the road to the departure point.

Do not forget to visit the Boerentuin behind the town hall.

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