The Northern Cemetery (1930)


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The famous architect Dudok is buried in the Northern Cemetery. He loved having the reins in his hands, so it's no wonder that he designed his own grave. The architect chose Carrera marble for the headstone and had his name and that of his wife engraved in gold. The little heart that expresses his love for his wife Aletta Dudok-Smit is touching.

The famous Dutch entertainer Fons Jansen is also buried here. His monologues about the Catholic church, in which he pokes fun at the terror of Catholic morality, are famous. During his funeral, an audiotape could be heard, playing a recitation of his poem 'Endure'. The poem ends with "And just write on the grave, 'Here lies one who by the skin of his teeth survived the fear'." On his gravestone, a jester is peeking through stage curtains.

Here too is the ceremonial grave of 'Geert van Mesdag'. He had great sympathy for the poor and during the first world war, was a member of the city council.

At the cemetery, there is a bronze war monument, 'Two minutes of silence' from 1991, designed by 'Hetty Noorman-Hogenhout'. In Hilversum during the war, there was a significant battle. The death of thirteen British soldiers after an attack by a German soldier made a great impression. Many residents of Hilversum accompanied the deceased soldiers on 12 May 1945 to their last resting place.


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