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It's 1928, the year of the Olympics in the Netherlands. The Dutch boxer 'Bep van Klaveren' wins gold. Not only Amsterdam but also Hilversum transformed into Olympic villages. On the 9th, 10th, 11th and 14th August, there is a dressage competition, a jumping event, and across-country with steeplechase in Hilversum.

The Dutch royal family visited a number of games in Hilversum. The holding of riding games in Hilversum did not go off without a hitch. The majority of the games were held in the Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam. But for the riding games, a great deal of space is needed. The royal and ultra-modern sports park, with the 85-meter long, partly covered stands in Hilversum offer ample space for the horseback competitions. There was a 20 kilometer dirt road needed for the endurance race, a terrain with natural obstacles for the cross-country, and an extra course for the steeplechase. In addition, all the riders, horses, and personnel needed housing.

Because Hilversum attracted many tourists, the accommodation of the participants and their crew in the hotels and pensions was no problem. In addition, nannies and supervisors were able to use the schools, which stood empty due to the summer vacation.

The Hilversum city council was ultimately very pleased with the acquisition of the Olympics. The arrival of the riders in Hilversum had quite an impact on the residents. Years later, the residents still talked about it. It was for many residents of Hilversum the first time that they saw people from abroad.


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