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The Turfmarkt (Peat market) is a canal in the center of Gouda. The northwest side of the Turfmarkt stretches from the Lage Gouwe in the west to the Kleiweg in the east. The southeast side of the Turfmarkt stretches from the Lage Gouwe to the Blauwstraat. The northwest side was formerly called from Kleiweg to Vrouwensteeg, Pig, Alder or Egg market. The names used remind us of the sale of peat, alder wood, pigs and eggs, which used to take place here. The northwest side, from the Vrouwensteeg to the Vuilsteeg (now Lange Dwarsstraat), was called Hontscoop. The south-east side opposite was called Tevecoop (see fragment of the Gouda map in the Kuyper municipal atlas). The water of the Turfmarkt immediately adjoins that of the adjacent canal de Gouwe, but is built over at the Kleiweg.
Originally, the Turfmarkt was one of the city canals. That function expired with the expansion of the city. Already in the fourteenth century the canal along the current Turfmarkt was built up on both sides. Remarkable of the Turfmarkt is the high water level: the street is only a few centimeters above the water.
On both sides of the canal is a large number of historic buildings, of which thirty are recognized as a national monument. One of these monuments is the former bank building, which now houses the Resistance Museum Zuid-Holland. Another noteworthy building is the former synagogue at Turfmarkt 23. Since 1950 it has been owned by the Free Evangelical Congregation. The third monumental building is the Admiral House, the home of the admirals Jan den Haen and Roemer Vlacq. The Stairway Bridge at the Lange Dwarsstraat is also a national monument.

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