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Landmark GP11 'tVeld


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Landmark GP11 'tVeld.
The landmarks in southern Limburg along the Belgian border are numbered from number 1 at the three country point at Vaals to number 45 at the Meuse south of Eijsden. Up to Maastricht's southern border, there are still a number of "double" landmarks, i.e. one on the Dutch bank and one opposite on the other, the Belgian Maasbank. This applies to the numbers 45 up to and including 48. Arduinen boundary stones are often placed between the boundary posts to indicate where the boundary changes direction. These are not numbered. Usually, also here, they are indicated by a letter starting from the lowest number of the landmark. But beware: the topographical maps use a different numbering.
Here we are on the border of Wittem and Sippenaken.
GP 11 is located in the middle of the hamlet of Kuttingen, a few houses on the Dutch but especially on the Belgian side of the border. The border here runs just behind a number of Belgian houses.

The cast iron posts are actually formidable in size, i.e. a total of 2.47 m.
The octagonal bottom part is 1 meter long. Of this is 60 cm under the ground. Two thirds of this 60 cm is brick-built and this foundation rests on a 20 cm thick round brick base that is 1 metre in diameter.

The cone-shaped section on the octagonal lower part is 1.30 m.
The button, which completes the whole, is 17 cm. This button is a stylised pine cone.

The landmark was also marked with the weapons of Belgium and the Netherlands, the year 1843 and a number. The weapon should be on the side of one's own country.
Still, there are several poles that were put wrong, probably which had to be repositioned for some reason.
There are also some border posts that do not bear the year 1843, but 1869 or 1905.
These were later placed, namely at the embankment of the Zwin and the embankment of the Drowned Land of Saaftinge.

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