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Gemaal van de Hoekpolder


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This pump has quite the history to it. The white building you see on the picture used to be a windmill, built in 1721, which pumped water out of the Hoekpolder. It was converted to a diesel pump building in 1931. The service house was also built in 1931. Electric pumps replaced the diesel pumps in 1984. The whole property became obsolete in 2011 when a new pumping station with a bigger capacity was completed on the Molenwetering.

As far as I know you can visit it. I do not know the details yet though. If you buy this property you are obligated to keep the visitor center open.

The cycle/walking bridge on the picture is part of the route.

This property is actually for sale currently (05-2018, link might break) on funda.nl.

More information about the windmill & history: molendatabase.org
Information about the pump: gemalen.nl (Dutch)



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