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Nidelva is a river in Trøndelag county, Norway. The 30-kilometre long river travels through the municipalities of Trondheim and Klæbu. The name translates to the "River Nid" since the suffix elva or elven is the Norwegian word for "river".
The Nidelva starts at the Hyttfossen waterfall which rises from Bjørsjøen, a small lake located just below Selbusjøen, the largest lake in the southern part of Trøndelag County. The Nidelva runs north through Klæbu, then to Tiller, and then through the city of Trondheim before reaching Trondheimsfjord by the island of Brattøra near Trondheim Central Station. The Nidelva is at its deepest at the Trongfossen, a deep ravine in the village of Klæbu. There are six hydro-electric power stations along the river. The Nidelva forms the last part of the Nea-Nidelvvassdraget watershed. The Nea River is a tributary which empties into Selbusjøen, which in turn flows into the Nidelva.


Copyright: Creative Commons 3.0

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