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3 Fotbollsplan vid Gammelhus, Östhammar

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The Gammelhus football field, Östhammar

Molin filming sites. The Lars Molin Society shows you where it happened.

The football field in Östhammar – in Badjävlar, the pride of the city trains for football on the poorly kept football field.

The club’s sports director complains about municipal grants that have been defaulted on, and that many players have left the club. What’s more, he thinks it’s a crying shame that the boat club certainly got five thousand crowns in municipal grants, and that the harbour would be dredged for another four hundred thousand – all so that the summer vacationers could come in with their bigger boats.

Sports clubs and organizations frequently recur in Lars Molin’s stories. This is perhaps because he himself was an active ice hockey player in his youth. According to Lars’ brother, Lars was clearly very active where it concerned the club he started himself.

He himself was the leader, trainer, and treasurer. In addition, he always played centre. The goal was set high, and the world championships were a given. He ended his short career because of problems with asthma.

In Höjdhopparen, Lars comes back to the sports club. Even if the film wasn’t shot in Östhammar, Öregrund in Östhammar is the model. Pinnen, played by Asko Sarkola, is derived from two local personalities in Östhammar merged together.

Sop-Ivan, who kept the whole town clean and danced out in the streets while he cleaned, and Snedskallen, who collected everything. He was a very frugal man, and it is said he would cycle to Gimo, over 10 km away, just because milk was two öre cheaper there.

Join the Lars Molin society. Text your name and address to 0732624303 and we’ll send you a payment form for 100 crowns. www.larsmolinsallskapet.se

Copyright: All rights reserved

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sportgatan 1, 74235 Östhammar

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