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Tensta Konsthall


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Tensta Arthall

Works of art can be grandiose impositions, Ozymandian monuments they can also be close encounters, and confidential moments. The artists of the exhibition Gifts of Intimacy work with gestures that are local, personal and immediate. There is a generosity in these pieces an invitation to share or participate. The act of making becomes an act of giving and by turn, an exchange. It is here, in the mutuality of the gift, in the reciprocity of the act of giving that these works draw their communicative strength. Intimacy can be thought of as the result after a successful seduction but it can also be seen as emerging from a process of self-disclosure. As we share our feelings, aspirations, desires, thoughts and investigations we allow another to get closer to us, to know us better. To achieve real intimacy needs candour, sincerity and a willingness to show vulnerability. A practice of intimacy is far from risk free. It magnifies cultural difference, and we see ourselves and the other in sharper focus.

Copyright: All rights reserved

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Taxingegränd 10, 16304 stockholm

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