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Belskie Museum of Art & Science


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Source: Clbmd

In the early 1940s, an American gynaecologist named Robert Latou Dickinson worked together with artist Abram Belskie to create an alabaster model of a typical young female by averaging the proportions of thousands of women. The statue was named Norma, and became a physical ideal. A newspaper ran a contest later on to find lookalikes for Norma. Unlike what statistics would tell you, fewer than 40 of the 3864 applicants even came close to sharing Norma's physique. This just indicates that the concept of average can be a dangerous thing to work with, as described in the book of Jonathan Keats: "The End of Average".

Source: NewScientist, 13 Febr 2016, p. 44


280 High St, Closter, New Jersey, United States

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