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Boudin Bakery


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Source: Chris R. Sims

he main Boudin Bakery in San Francisco is in the Richmond District on the corner of 10th Avenue and Geary Boulevard. The bakery still uses the same starter yeast-bacteria culture it developed during the California Gold Rush. Boudin Bakery is a bakery known for its sourdough bread. It was established in 1849 by Isidore Boudin, son of a family of master bakers from Burgundy, France, by blending the sourdough prevalent among miners in the Gold Rush with French techniques. Isidore Boudin was an observant baker, with a keen understanding of how ambient conditions such as mist affect the leavening and baking process. San Francisco has a bacterium especially well suited for sourdough: Lactobacillus sanfranciscensis. The bakery has locations on Fisherman's Wharf, Disney California Adventure Park, and 30 other cafés scattered throughout California.


Geary Boulevard, San Francisco, California, United States

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