RET: REcognized insTructor of RouteYou

RET: REcognized insTructor of RouteYou


Author: RouteYou

Public | Dutch

When you are invited to this group, we recognize you as a trusted expert to explain the basic use of RouteYou and beyond. Becoming part of this group gives you the following advantages

  • You receive specific information of new and upcoming features
  • You can attend all the training courses of RouteYou for free
  • You have a direct support line to the experts of RouteYou
  • We can promote your training sessions via RouteYou (but you can also keep them private)

We assume you regularly explain to individuals and/or a groups the functionality of RouteYou (e.g. as a teacher, as a trainer, as a shop keeper where you get questions about RouteYou,...)


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